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My Mommy Is


Mission Statement

All moms are working moms; and children want a glimpse into that working world. Here at My Mommy Is, our mission is to spread the proud stories of career mothers in every profession. We are telling these stories to those who matter most – our children. Through an ongoing series of interactive children’s books, we hope to spark curiosity in children about their mothers’ working worlds – and reinforce in children the respect that every working mom deserves.

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My Mommy is
a Lawyer

App Summary

My Mommy is a Lawyer tells the story of a loving mother’s long journey to becoming a lawyer. A child has the chance opportunity to travel back in time with a friendly owl to discover how his/her mommy graduated from law school, attained a law license, and works to help people in need. Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky hidden bunnies, and you might earn a golden carrot!

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The Team

Jodie Hastings

CEO & Producer

Joshua Wilson

Art Director & Developer

Crysi-Jean Bamberger

Assistant Art Lead

Gregory Scott Cook

Composer & Web Developer

Hellen Le

Character Artist

Gabi Poprawa

Environmental Artist